Toronto Equine Hospital offers a wide range of diagnostic services, surgical procedures and medical treatments.

Emergency and Farm visits

Toronto Equine Hospital is pleased to announce we are extending our ambulatory services to the sport horse industry which will include emergencies and farm visits. Feel free to contact our office at 905 405 9500 for further information.


The Toronto Equine Hospital performs a variety of orthopedic and soft tissue surgical procedures, including arthroscopy, fracture repair, surgery of the upper respiratory tract, hernia repair, and routine and cryptorchid castrations. Dr. Darryl Bonder and Dr. Peter Vatcher are our primary surgeons, and have been performing surgeries for over 30 years Please visit our Surgery page, for more information on this area specifically.



Nuclear Scintigraphy - Toront Equine Hospital

Nuclear Scintigraphy

Nuclear scintigraphy is a highly sensitive diagnostic tool, allowing us to evaluate both soft tissue and bony structures. It has proven useful in horses that have a history of multifocal or intermittent lameness, poor performance with no evident lameness, or in cases were the origin of the lameness cannot be identified with traditional diagnostics (nerve blocks, radiography, ultrasound, etc.).

Please visit our Nuclear Scintigraphy page, for more information on this area specifically.


Regenerative Therapies

(Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and Stem Cell Therapy)

The Toronto Equine Hospital offers both Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and Stem Cell therapy as regenerative medical therapies for tendon and ligament injuries. Our PRP processing technology enables concentration of the horses’ own platelets from the blood, which contain numerous healing and growth factors. These in turn, facilitate and improve the healing process of the injured area.

Stem Cell therapy involves obtaining a stem cell sample from the horse, harvesting those stem cells to a higher concentration, and injecting the cells into the injured area. Stem cells have the capacity to differentiate into various tissue types which facilitates healing of the injured area and decreases the amount of scar tissue.

Both PRP and Stem Cells are modalities of regenerative medicine that utilize different approaches to facilitate healing of injured tendon and ligament structures. They may be used alone or in combination with each other. PRP and/or Stem Cells are injected under ultrasound-guidance, with better quality healing and shorter recuperative times reported. Please visit our Regenerative Therapies page, for more information on this area specifically.

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