“Following almost a year of failed diagnoses and treatments by a series of equine veterinarians and therapists, we had almost given up hope that our horse Finley would ever be sound again.  That was July 2011.  Following a visit to Toronto Equine Hospital everything changed for the better.  TEH’s nuclear scintigraphy identified the source of the problem, confirmed with x-rays, as an OCD in the left hock, which had floated and the bone debris had inflamed the soft tissue and caused further damage to the joint.  Arthroscopic surgery was performed, a rehabilitation planned laid out with regular monitoring of Finley’s progress by TEH vets and clinic staff.  Because Finley’s injury had gone undiagnosed for almost a year, other problems had arose, specifically intermittent left front lameness, muscle atrophy, and tenderness in his back.  Dr. Bonder and Dr. Peatling set out a process of assessing Finley, narrowing down the problem and treating him with a combination of shockwave therapy, hyaluronic injections, IV Tildren, and hoof trimming.  They provided my husband and me with a nutritional and exercise plan and stuck with us throughout Finley’s recovery, addressing any questions or issues without delay.  Finley is fully recovered, tracking up and moving beautifully and freely!  His energetic and playful personality has returned and riding is again a pleasure.

The collective expertise of the surgeons and staff at the TEH is unrivaled – where so many other large animal veterinarians and specialists could not succeed (at a high financial and emotional cost to us) – TEH’s doctors and clinicians did! ”

– Marcus and Tracy McDowel 

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