Toronto Equine Hospital Mission Statement

Providing high quality, innovative & compassionate care in equine medicine & surgery

The Toronto Equine Hospital offers primary care and referral services for performance and sport horses of all disciplines. We provide a full range of advanced surgical, diagnostic, and treatment modalities enabling us to offer a premiere service to our clients, patients, and referring veterinarians.

Dr. Bonder and Dr. Vatcher in surgery
Toronto Equine Hospital Stalls
Scrub facilities
Nuclear Scintigraphy
Affiliated Veterinary Associations
Patients in pasture
Digital Radiography
The Toronto Equine Hospital is located in Mississauga, Ontario and is equipped with a surgical theatre, a barn for hospitalized and appointment patients, and a procedures area to work up lameness and medical cases. We offer orthopedic and soft tissue surgical services, in addition to the diagnostic modalities of digital radiography, ultrasonography, and nuclear scintigraphy. Whether on the farm, in the hospital, or at the racetrack, our goal is to achieve an optimal outcome based on accurate diagnoses, targeted and individual treatment regimens, and client satisfaction. As a client, agent or referring veterinarian, we encourage you to visit our hospital for an opportunity to tour the facility.


The Toronto Equine Hospital is a proud member of:


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